The Beet Shuttle got its roots with Michigan sugar beet farmers having the need to have a large capacity of product in one wagon and the capability to have tall discharge heights. The Beet Shuttle had a few different looks in the beginning years dating back to 2012. A total of 4 concepts have been put to the test to find the fastest way to discharge 46 tons at heights of 14’-6”. It wasn’t until 2015 when the Crop Shuttle you know today was introduced, and it was instant solution.

In 2017, full production of the multi-crop design propelled the Crop Shuttle into vegetables of all kinds. Since then, we have been developing attachments for many applications allowing our customers to get the most versatility possible out of one machine. Whether you are looking to fill potato planters, spread lime ash out the back or simply harvest your sweet corn crop in unfavorable conditions, the Crop Shuttle has proven over and over to be the most versatile machine on the market.