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"The Crop Shuttle's customization helps you find a solution for your operation!"

Unmatched Capacity with Unlimited Options
3600 Hopper Crop Shuttle.jpg

   The Crop Shuttle 3600 is the ideal sized Crop Cart for most vegetable farms in the U.S. & Canada. It has a capacity of 1700 cubic feet standard and up to 1950 cubic feet with tip tops on 3 sides make it over a 700 bag unit for potatoes and a 36 ton unit for Sugar Beets.

   We had many requests for a slightly larger capacity cart for larger 53' semi trailers and of course we delivered! The Crop Shuttle 4000 is also a perfect Crop Cart to fill Two 20' Bulk Boxes. It has a capacity of 1850 cubic feet standard and up to 2150 cubic feet with tip tops on 3 sides make it over a 780 bag unit for potatoes and a 40 ton unit for Sugar Beets.

4000 Hopper Crop Shuttle.jpg
4600 Hopper Crop Shuttle.jpg

   The Crop Shuttle 4600 was designed for the large semi loads out in the State of Michigan. It has a capacity of 2500 cubic feet making it a perfect fit for the 46 ton semi trailer capacity. This Crop Shuttle can also be outfitted to run cucumbers making an ideal dual purpose machine!

Why we chose tracks over wheels & tires
Crop Shuttle Track Options.jpg

   The Crop Shuttle comes with 4 different track options typically paired up by the capacity chosen. Our number 1 reason for tracks is reduced compaction, under full load we are right around 10-15 psi, for comparison the average human male exerts around 8 psi and a passenger car is over 30 psi.

   With our patented hopper-raising design,  we find that tracks offer the greatest stability giving you ease of mind out in the fields.

   Other benefits include reduced ruts in your fields due to the increased flotation. Soil compaction can also greatly impact your yields and type of tillage needed to prepare a proper seed bed.

Crop Shuttle Track Options2.jpg
Multiple Boom Options with Various Belting
Crop Cart Standard Boom.jpg

   The Standard Boom is our most common option that can reach trucks up to 12' with ease. It also features a second folding section so you can lay your vegetables right down in the bottom of you trucks. It boasts a large 52" width that helps boost your efficiencies with record breaking unload rates.

   Our Extended Boom is a huge hit with the self-propelled sugar beet harvesters as it folds in tight to the Crop Shuttle hopper making it easy to load from either side. It also features a 18" hydraulically operated extendable section that can reach heights of 14'6" making it a huge hit out in Michigan with their tall trucks and large loads.

                 *Available on the 4600 model*

Crop Cart Extended Boom.jpg
Crop Cart Standard Wide Boom.jpg

   Once again customers reached out to us to create a custom option and we delivered. This boom is now a staggering 69" wide and is ideal for our sugar beet and silage customers. Since silage has a greater repose angle, this boom has no problem unloading in a 14' high truck and can be easily converted in 30 minutes to be set up for sugar beets.

   We offer many types of belted chain in our Crop Carts to be sure you get exactly the perfect fit for your farm. Whether you want a 32 mm pitch, pillow cushion to be gentle on your cucumber crop or a Heavy Duty 5/8" diameter, bare steel rod with 4 bands to strengthen your belt for the abuse of sugar beets and rocky soil, we got you covered!

Noffsinger Belting.jpg
Floor Options for any Crop
Crop Cart Rubber Floor2.jpg

   For vegetables such as pickles and potatoes, we offer a rubber-belted floor and seal kit to cover up any exposed chains. Our powerful, positive chain-drive belted floor ensures you won't have slippage giving you a fast unload rate that is smooth & gentle.

*Typically used in 3600 & 4000 models*

   Our self-cleaning drag bed is key when the conditions are less than ideal. In combination with our slightly sloped walls the Crop Shuttle is self-cleaning making mud scraping minimal. This set up is ideal for conveying lime, sugar beets or even corn silage.

*Typically used in 4600 models*

Crop Cart Drag Floor.jpg
Multi-step Cleaning Table Options
Crop Cart Cleaning Table Dirty Digger2.j

*Cleaning tables available on the 3600 & 4000 models*

   The Dirty Digger cleaning table is truly a minimal maintenance machine that is huge on performance. It boasts 4 cleaning and 4 clod rollers all with direct drive hydraulics.         The fixed rollers feature a pressure controlled auto reversing function that will ensure you wont have to worry about stones or sticks lodging into your rollers. Simply worry about loading the truck and not messing with settings.

   For those who want to dial in every aspect of the cleaning table like small potato growers we offer a full line from Scotts. The Evolution Separator can be fitted with a 4 or 6 roller cleaning design.

   The rotation and height of the clod rollers can be adjusted hydraulically from the comfort of the cab with our easy to use Eaton controller.

Crop Cart Cleaning Table Scotts evolutio
Hydraulically Operated Side Door
Side door in a Crop Cart.jpg

   We offer a hydraulically operated side door is for crops such as cucumbers and pickles that require you to stack them with minimal drop. 

*Typically used in 3600 & 4000 models*

Scale Options to Pinpoint your Exact Weight
Bluetooth scale system on Crop Cart.jpg

   The Libra Cart Bluetooth Scale System has auto unload detection and you can connect unlimited remotes, meaning you can actually track any Crop Shuttle in your field as long as you are within range.

   You are also able to track fields, yields, trucking destinations and switch through multiple commodities giving you valuable data year after year.

*These options available on the 3600 & 4000 models*

   The GT 400 allows you to measure crop yields and is a easy way to ensure your load weights are road legal. You can store your load weights and even send that data to a DDL or printer right in your cab.

   Save time by weighing in the field vs hauling to a platform scale!

GT 400 scale system on Crop Shuttle.jpg
Planting Options - Self-contained Seed Loader
Self loading planter filler on crop cart

   The self contained Seed Loader allows you to use your Crop Shuttle to fill your planters. The unique patented design allows you to hold an industry leading 600-750 bags of seed. The control platform in conveniently located allowing you to have unmatched visibility of the entire hopper, incline conveyor and the truck being unloaded.

   The transfer table is an insert that you will install if you have a cleaning table on your Crop Shuttle and you want to use it as a planter filler. This allows you to remove the cleaning table and use 32mm rubber rod belted chain which is much more gentle on your seed. 

Transfer table crop shuttle seed loader.
Automatic Roll Tarp with Remote
Automatic Roll tarp on a crop cart.jpg

   The Shurco 4500 automatic roll tarp with a Smart 3 remote control system is a must have. Whether you are preparing for the quick unexpected rain showers or trying to temperature control your crop, tarping your load is as easy as a push of the button.

Lime Ash Spreader Attachment
Lime Spreader on a Crop Cart.jpg

   Our spreader attachment allows you to get more from your investment! The spreader can be left on during regular harvest meaning you can pre-harvest beets in the morning and spread lime ash in the afternoon with no time to switch over! 

*Available on the 4600 model*

Forage Spinner & Extended Boom Tins
Silage Spinner and Extended Tins on Crop

   This powered spinner helps forage flow through our Crop Shuttle without damaging product bridging. It also allows the product to come out smooth to reduce crop loss.

  The extended boom sides bolt onto the existing tin work making switch out from Sugar Beets to Corn Silage a breeze!

*Available on the 4600 model*

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