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Crop Shuttle Cucumber Harvest with a Crop Cart

The Crop Shuttle is not only cost-efficient but also profitable. We have 3 models to choose from that allow you to find the best fit for your needs. 36, 46, and 56 tons carts are available with full customer customization.


With record shattering unload rates, ease of operation and unbeatable versatility, this crop cart will make your harvest stress free!

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

9 cost saving ways the Crop Shuttle will change the way you harvest!


  • Use the Crop Shuttle as a holding tank between trucks so your harvester never has to stop

  • Keep harvesting through harsh conditions, even when trucks can't make it in the field

  • Eliminate the need for expensive PTO-driven hydraulics, meaning less engine RPM's needed

  • Link the Crop Shuttle tractor up to the harvester tractor's gps to sync speeds

  • Compact boom allows the Crop Shuttle to be loaded from either side

  • Tracks allow for minimal compaction and lighter footprint, meaning higher yields

  • Easy modifications can allow you to remove more debris and trash at the field

  • Use the Crop Shuttle for multiple crops or to spread lime, boosting your return on investment

  • NOT just for harvest - Use it with our patented self-loading conveyor to plant potatoes!

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